About Me

Hi there and welcome to my blog! My name is Lia and I am a mother of two awesome kids. 😊 I am strongly passionate and enthusiastic about fitness, nutrition and living a healthy life. I believe that everyone has their own values, tastes and beliefs, thus in the end we all connect together as we share one goal- to live a healthy life.

My interest in fitness sparked in 2008, (two years after giving birth to my second child) when I noticed I was gaining weight and wasn’t as active as usual. My mood changed as I was usually feeling tired and unmotivated to do things. I did not take good care of my health as I ate and drank whenever and whatever I wanted to and unsurprisingly that led me to gain weight. My lifestyle was pretty unhealthy and it created a negative impact on me. That was when I told myself that in order to enjoy life (and have energy), I need to take care of my well-being. I had a personal trainer who taught me how to exercise properly, planned my meals and motivated me through a seven-sessions program. It was then that I realized I love this new lifestyle! 😊 I was still in the early stages of my fitness milestones (considering myself a novice at the time), so with that I tried to improve and learn new exercises.  After completing the program I continued to work out at the gym on my own and went outdoor for runs; which I absolutely still love!

I do not hold a profession in fitness, health or nutrition but because I am truly passionate about living a healthy life, I want to share my experiences and journey with you. I hope you will find my blog intriguing, inspiring and resourceful in some perspective. Everything I blog is base on my own experiences and interests, so feel free to let it nourish your mind and body if it floats your boat.

I wish you a healthy lifestyle filled with success and happiness. ☺️

Stay positive and healthy,