Frog jump squats

This is one of my favorite exercise that targets your hamstrings and glutes–the frog jump squats.

I first started doing these frog jump squats using only the bar bell. Years later, I felt the need to change the exercise for more intensity and by doing so, I added step platforms to elevate the jumps.

I like to do as many reps as I can for the first set–I usually do 10 reps and then finish with 2 more sets. It’s such a killer workout!

I really like this exercise as you reap high intensity interval training (HIIT) from it. I find it super effective as it burns my glutes and hamstrings.

If the exercise leaves you with a burning sensation in your muscles, then surely it’s an awesome workout! 🙂

Please note that this exercise may not be suitable for everyone. Keep in mind that you should consult with your physician first before performing any exercises that you aren’t familiar with or have never tried before.

Have fun working out,