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The charm of chia seeds

100% Natural Chia Seeds (Imported & distributed by Discovered Nutrition)

Can you believe that these tiny little dots in my fruits & yogurt parfait are the top SUPERFOOD in health trend?

Chia seeds may be small in size but these little guys provide you with a significant amount of 20% of your daily fiber intake and more than 2500 mg of Omega-3 per serving. Wow, that’s incredible isn’t it?

These seeds are mild in a nutty flavor and can be added to salads, sandwiches, smoothies, parfaits and so much more. I just love how versatile these seeds are!

About chia seeds

Chia seeds are grown in Central America, in volcanic highlands where the soil is nutrient dense and the temperatures are just right.

They’re 100% organic, free of pesticides, chemicals and GMO’s…how awesome is that? Now who wouldn’t want to add an organic ingredient to their food?

Chia seeds are beneficial in so many ways–they improve your stamina and physical endurance, promote healthy skin, reduce signs of aging, supports the heart and digestive system, and build stronger bones and muscles.

One of my favorite functions of these seeds are the fibers that absorb a large amount of water and expand in the stomach–which increase fullness so you don’t ever have to feel ‘super hungry’ again during the day.

Incorporating chia seeds into your dishes or diet 

You can sprinkle a few teaspoons of chia seeds into your salad, oatmeal, parfait or any other recipes. You can also add a few teaspoons to your beverage, like a smoothie or fruit juice.

If your beverage preference is water, you can add 2-3 teaspoons of chia seeds to a glass of it, let the seeds soak for about 10 minutes and then drink it straight up, just like that.

When the seeds are soaked up, they create a gelatin-like substance and since they can hold up to 10x their own weight in water, they benefit our bodies from preventing dehydration.

Chia seeds are high in fiber so it’s best to gradually introduce them to your body–in small amounts, about 1 to 2 teaspoons a day–however, I wouldn’t eat the seeds raw by itself as they don’t have time to reach your stomach to expand.

Ideally, it is best to consult with your doctor, a dietitian or nutritionist if you have any questions or concerns in regards to incorporating chia seeds into your diet.

Oh how I love Chia seeds

I’m a big fan of fruits & yogurt parfaits but never have I added chia seeds to them before, or to any food in general.  I started adding chia seeds to my food about a month ago and I absolutely love everything about it!

During the first week of adding chia seeds to my food and drinks, I noticed that it boosted my energy level and curbed my hunger. I’m ecstatic at how these tiny seeds have heighten my energy level in just a few days of consumption.

Due to my fast-paced job and regular fitness training, I’m always on the go and on my feet. I like to ensure that my body is provided with a substantial amount of energy to perform my daily tasks as thoroughly as possible. And chia seeds are definitely the answer to that! They’re my energy-boosting-power buddies. 😊

I hope you enjoyed reading my blog today and find it informative in some perspective. Thank you for reading and I wish you the best in healthy eating!

Stay healthy and strong,





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